What and Why and When

This space is a document of my wonderful experience as a mother of two boys. My house is a mess, I’m always a bit harried, and I never quite get everything done that I want to do. But this space, like parenting, is not about dwelling on the could-haves, would-haves and wanted-tos. It’s about the can-you-believe-its, the I’m-still-laughing-abouts, and the I’m-completely-amazed-bys—the experiences of watching my children grow up and helping them grow.

The initial idea for this blog came from my children’s first teacher outside the family, Susan Kennedy, whose quiet calmness among a roomful of crying, slightly anxious, and full-diapered toddlers will always be an inspiration. I would email Susan funny stories about the goings-on at our house, so when my child chatted about them at school, she would have the background. One day she told me that I should blog my funny stories. It took me a couple of years to get to it, so you’ll get a mix of stories about my kids today—age 4 and 7—and from when they were younger.